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poem- clown tears August 11, 2014

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Our laughter

will have a poignant pain,

knowing now

what such joy

cost you.







29 Responses to “poem- clown tears”

  1. keelymyles Says:

    Yes… ❤

  2. The title for this poem couldn’t be more fitting. He made millions laugh, and yet he felt so depressed. He impacted so many of our lives.

  3. redgladiola Says:

    They say those who hurt most laugh the hardest. I can understand that well. =(

  4. davidprosser Says:

    Perfectly put Shawn. I’ve no doubt he did have help but the drugs can only do so much and when first given may alleviate the moods but the moods change without notice and the drugs aren’t strong enough. Unfortunately the victim of BP can’t gauge this so the ‘black dog’ gets an iron grip. It’s terrible to think you need to die in order to do the world a favour.
    R.I.P Robin. May you find peace.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    • Yes. It’s so important to have family and friends who know about clinical depression, because when the depressed person is in the depth of the well, s/he can not see that there is a ladder, or that there are stars shining overhead.

  5. honimansi Says:

    i read this and even before seeing who it was for, i thought i would like to have written this for Robin Williams. 🙂

  6. Melody J Haislip Says:

    Shawn, that’s beautiful. I had just written a poem, which arrived out of nowhere, and was going to my blog to post it, when I read the news. All I could say was No, no, no. I dedicated my poem to him: I’m so sad.

  7. kelseyjaymills Says:

    The way you managed to put so much emotion into so few words is an enviable trait. This poem is simply golden.

  8. Phen Weston Says:

    Amazing and beautiful and so so sad, but very true 😥

  9. words4jp Says:

    Words perfectly expressed, yet words I wish were never written. My heart is truly sad.

  10. […] Channel 10 for the tribute) and finally the news sank in. Yesterday, Shawn L. Bird posted a poem for Robin Williams and I was moved. After watching the movie, I revisited her poem and felt so emotional. […]

  11. Long live Mrs Doubtfire!!

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