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poem- not tree July 13, 2014

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T h i s   i s   a







(Snicker.  Sometimes I do things just to amuse myself.  Ignore me).


25 Responses to “poem- not tree”

  1. pi314chron Says:

    This is NOT a golf


  2. Marcy Erb Says:

    This follows in the proud (playful) tradition of imagist poetry – ee cummings, eve luckring, scott metz, and more- always fun! I love it.

  3. allcwrote Says:

    I really like your clean style.. This is lovely.

  4. onewithclay Says:

    I think that I have never heard
    A trill as fine as Shawn L. Bird.
    The storm clouds loom and threat to end us,
    But only Shawn can make Treemendus.

  5. Tree-iffic poem.
    I like the
    poet’s tree.

    Shawn I do some silly things when I’m bored…fun to see your humor!

  6. Rajiv Says:

    Since I don’t play golf, I cannot





  7. Rajiv Says:

    But, I like to drink


  8. narble Says:

    Obviously, I like it!

  9. You guys are so…. Puny! 😉

  10. Agh! Spell checker… Can’t even do puns 😦

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