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poem- hot July 8, 2014

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In dead of winter

when I am bundled in sweaters,

nursing hot chocolate

and shivering,

I will remember

sliding open the back door today

and how I was hit with a wall of air

so hot my finger tips feel

they’re glowing like ET’s.

In the meantime,

I’m grateful for a/c

and find typing with

molten finger tips

very interesting.






35 Responses to “poem- hot”

  1. bethwesson Says:

    Love your style!

    • Thanks Beth.

      I was just pondering as I was tagging this poem, I wonder if there is a name for this kind of chatty, free verse, anecdotal, poem style? No idea. But I certainly do it a lot!

      • bethwesson Says:

        Yes! And I love it! I have a friend who fluctuates between sonnets and this type of poem! She calls it stream of conscience poetry! I’ve tried it , but after I’m done I think hmmmm this sounds like a scene and file it for the future! Find my self currently fascinated with alliteration and repetition. Rhythm. Of which I physically have…none! Guess I’m into irony too! Thanks for sharing. I’ve spent the last couple of days thanking folks for their responses to my blog! Encouraging for a newbie writer!

      • I wouldn’t call this stream of consciousness, because it isn’t full of wandering purposelessness which I associate with that. (Like dream-state juxta-positions and rambling connections).

        My poems have a purpose, but they’re generally celebrations of commonplace things, gentle observations about things we frequently overlook. (Except when they’re rants about people I want to shout at, but can’t in the real world, since it’s not socially acceptable). 🙂

      • bethwesson Says:

        Uhmm…speaking of that. How did the picketing go ?

      • We’re not picketing now, since we’re not employed over the summer. Back to it after Labour Day, I presume. Right now, we’re just unemployed, as usual. 🙂

      • bethwesson Says:

        BTW I understand the difference you’re making between the two types of poems. Don’t really think my friends are stream of consciousness either. Thanks!

      • onewithclay Says:

        “Conversational.” Now do some more! 🙂

      • Ah! Good name! 🙂

  2. bethwesson Says:

    Reading your book! Tonight! Excited!

  3. This is your style and I for one think it’s fabulous. You have a freshness about your poetry.

  4. tisjen Says:

    Oh gosh, that makes me feel old. I remember it like yesterday! (smiling)

  5. uberclassic Says:

    Great poem!

  6. Reached 92 degrees here in New York City, however after this past winter’s Polar Vortex I’m not complaining! Better hot than cold. I do wish I could make my Hot Flashes or Power Surges only come in the winter when I really need to be warm!! LOL!!

  7. Rajiv Says:

    You write well…. But, please do visit India to get the blast of really hot, hot air!!

    • lol

      An adventure I will probably avoid. 😉

      My great-grandparents were married in Madras, though. I often wonder about their adventures in India. Grandpa contracted malaria and my great-aunt died from cholera though, so I don’t romanticize it!

      I will say, one of my go-to outfits for dealing with this hot weather is a salmar kameez. Catches any breeze beautifully. 🙂

      PS- I just looked at the forecast in India, and we’re pretty close! It’s 31-43 Celsius here for the next 2 weeks, and Madras/Chennai is 33-37C. Though we have much less humidity forecast.

      • Rajiv Says:

        Cholera, I can imagine, at least in those days. In 1971, when East Pakistan became Bangladesh, we all had to take cholera shots, because of the influx of refugees. Polio? We have eradicated it!
        Madras? I am one of a dying breed who still call the city by that name!

      • I’m not sure why I typed polio-I read it as soon as it posted and immediately changed it to malaria, which was what I meant to type!

        I was very delighted when our efforts on Polio Eradication removed India from the endemic list. Don’t relax your vigilance though, it’s still endemic in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and one infected person driving across the border could bring it back to India. I’m pleased to say that my Rotary Club provides funds to vaccinate 20 children against polio each week we have a guest speaker- about 600 kids a year just with that initiative. 🙂

      • Rajiv Says:

        Malaria is a pain in India. Dengue is a problem, and this is the season, actually. I used to be a Rotarian, when I was living in Calcutta. I left, because all they did was to drink tea and talk!

  8. momfawn Says:

    It has definitely been molten fingertip hot here! Great poem! – Fawn

  9. syl65 Says:

    When it gets hot and humid here, I remember this past winter and “polar vortex” sub zero temps. Thank God for a/c and ice cubes. Thanks Shawn.

  10. Elouise Says:

    Great internal conversation with yourself. Thanks for sharing it! A little stream of consciousness wandering from one image to another to another….making connections all along the way.

  11. MB Hubbard Says:

    Reblogged this on Acts of God and commented:
    I love this weather related poem by Shawn L. Bird.

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