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poem- walking June 28, 2014

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.   sauntering

strolling     .

.           meandering

traipsing              .

.                          ambling

lumbering                     .

.                                    lurching

staggering                                    .

.                                              tottering

striding                                                   .

.                                                          marching

lunging                                                              .






I hope this works on your monitor.  The 2 perspectives should come evenly from either side to meet at “we / embrace”


44 Responses to “poem- walking”

  1. indernik Says:

    What is this type of poem called??

    • A shape or concrete poem.

      • indernik Says:

        It’s nice. And when do you sleep?

      • Thanks. It’s summer vacation. I generally head to bed around 4 a.m. 🙂

      • indernik Says:

        Great 🙂 I was thinking, as a teacher it must have been tiring for you to sleep so late and wake up early.

        And does “generally” mean that you do it often. Now I am more curious to know your reading and writing habits 😉

      • My husband is an early riser, and is usually in bed around 9 p.m. During the school year, I begin writing about that time, and head to bed around midnight. During vacations, I write all night, until four a.m. or later (or should that be ‘earlier’?) I am frequently heading to bed just as he is getting up in the morning. 😉

        As to reading, it is essentially a constant process. I listen to audio books as I drive, do housework, or work on social media, I have a paper book or two stashed in various places around the house. I have books loaded on an eReader. I get through a hundred+ books a year.

        Now you know all my secrets. 🙂

  2. Ado Bajic Says:

    Interesting visual presentation, like it a lot.

  3. redgladiola Says:

    Wow, love your poem structure here. ❤

  4. lweya Says:

    i sooo like it!

  5. todessakane2013 Says:

    Wonderful, loved this 🙂

  6. narble Says:

    Very clever. Good stuff.

  7. words4jp Says:

    I likey this piece – it also contains one of my favorite words – traipsing. It is such a pretty and happy-go-lucky word.

  8. Julia Putzke Says:

    Reblogged this on crippledatYourtable and commented:
    It reminds me of wailing through life. Check out her work, it’ll make you think. 🙂

  9. Julia Putzke Says:

    You possibly just inspired something. 🙂 Thank you for staying up until 4 am. Lol

  10. stump3d Says:

    Very nice. Very cute.
    This is so cool. This is new to me.
    Love this. Like this. Smiled when I saw this.
    Was confused at first when I saw this.
    In preview mode but got it in full.
    Now my lame attempt to do it.
    About to stop but need
    Fillers so fill I must
    There you go.
    1. 4. 3

  11. macjam47 Says:

    Great visual poem. I loved it.

  12. What a lovely way outline for poetry and expression. You’re very creative and talented – this was lovely.

  13. seanbidd Says:

    Sauntering, I felt as if on a day trip back in time some place, but music was playing and cider was flowing…

  14. DoRo Says:

    Beautiful poem and style.
    It pleases me to no end to know that there are English teachers like you out there. Inspired and inspiring teachers have become a rare thing – in this chronically underpaid and unappreciated(not to mention underfunded) profession.

    • Definitely underpaid this month! Not to be unexpected when many days are spent on a picket line, but it was still a little alarming to see the very small number on the pay cheque! 😦

      • DoRo Says:

        Education should not become a privilege and teachers should not have to picket for the service they do.
        Society has no future without proper education.

      • I agree.

        And governments who’ve had their actions declared unconstitutional by the supreme court need to pay up!

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