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poem-creative protest June 27, 2014

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I’m picketing injustice

with my son’s guitar.

Time to learn

how to play.

A rainy picket day

may as well bring new skills,

since there’s no other pay.



10 Responses to “poem-creative protest”

  1. jadedmess Says:

    We’re feeling it too…my husband’s a teacher as well. Love your poem ❤

  2. philsblog01 Says:

    good luck with your strike.

  3. words4jp Says:

    Good luck. I am feeling a good 60’s anti war protest song coming on. Not certain it is appropriate for a strike, but still, they have passion and soul for what is right and what need to be corrected.

  4. simonfalk28 Says:

    And as those fingers works the frets,
    They fumble a way to freedom,
    In the hope of a new kingdom,
    Where peace and justice can play
    A major chord in all hearts.
    In all that,
    Your rainy day tune
    Is a step along the way.

    • Oh very nice!

      As it turned out, the guitars never did make it out of their cases. Lots of visitors bringing us good wishes, support, food, more food, etc today kept us entertained. 🙂 If we’re still out in September, perhaps I’ll learn then! 🙂

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