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poem-seen June 9, 2014

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There is a gentleness

and a comfort you’re wearing now,

so unlike the anger

and anguish that was your shield.

We’ve seen you change

from besieged warrior to

confident ruler of your world.

We have seen

and we are glad.


16 Responses to “poem-seen”

  1. narble Says:

    Sounds like a parent talking. A good parent.

  2. I have some friends this can be said of. Here’s to peace.

  3. First two lines = gold.

  4. colonialist Says:

    Now, I see a bewildered stray feral cat, rehomed, and assuming his proper place as head of household!

  5. nikibayard Says:

    awh honey, that’s beautiful

  6. Tears over this. Deep meaning to me. Thank you Shawn

  7. Padawan Poet Says:

    Reblogged this on Padawan Poetry.

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