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poem-smells like teen spirit June 6, 2014

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In response to my comment

she gives me a look

like I am covered with manure

and am suggesting she join me

wallowing in a pig pen.

Nose flared, forehead creased,

like she has scented

something foul, she raises a brow

and turns away with a scowl,

still here in body, but not in spirit,

while her friends chatter and giggle

pleasantly with me.


14 Responses to “poem-smells like teen spirit”

  1. Ah!! nice…school is winding down now, eh? My son`s last teaching day before exams ws yesterday…now he`s off to La Ronde with the students today.

    • What’s La Ronde?

      Yes, the year is wrapping up! Our graduation ceremony is tonight, though we’re still in classes (barring full scale strike action) until June 23rd, then in exams for another few days.

      • Ah we always finish before our national St Jean Baptiste day June 24th. La Ronde is the amusement park connected to originally Man and His World , Expo 1967. Your father will tell you about it:)

      • Considering how much he hates amusement parks, he probably blocked it from his memory, though he was very excited about Expo 67 and having his city showcased so dramatically! Personally, I always wanted to live in one of the Habitat 67 homes!

      • They are funky looking home alright! I was most proud of the Olympics 1976…perhaps because I was older to appreciate folks from all over the world visiting our city. But 1967 La Ronde, was my first summer free with other young teens 🙂

      • Yes. 🙂 Good memories of those contacts and community pride!

  2. Morgan Says:

    Thank You for Being a Blessing in my Life. I Appreciate YOU

  3. nishipal Says:

    Haha..loved your reference to the person to the animal mentioned here subtly with words and not directly…nice one.. 🙂

  4. Bookgirl Says:

    LOL so true, yes i have a teenager.

  5. Thaddeus Dombrowski Says:

    Your poem captures my own experience in being a teenager, quite eloquently.

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