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New Rule in B.C.’s Education Debate June 3, 2014

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New Rule:

Regardless of how many journalists do, you’re not allowed to call the B.C.T.F. “one of B.C.’s most militant unions” anymore.

It’s a ridiculous thing to say.

If a militant union, let’s say the Longshoremen’s Union , was offered zero percent for six years of the last twelve, and in seventy six consecutive “negotiating “ sessions, their employers demanded, at the table and through the media, that they accept zero percent and then accused the union of refusing to bargain, we would see a “militant” union in action.

Now imagine that over twelve years, the Longshoremen’s employer had been repeatedly censured for bargaining in bad faith, by the United Nations, (10 times), the Supreme Court of Canada, (2005) and the Supreme Court of B.C. (twice) Imagine too that the employer blithely ignored every ruling.

The Longshoremen wouldn’t still be “ bargaining”.The docks would close until the outrage was fixed…

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