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poem- junction June 2, 2014

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There is an explosion of me

that while not cause for misery

does lend itself to some worry

(as health dictates less mass, you see).


While pondering this desperate state

in search of cover, you apparate

into my view and tell me straight

the simple way you’d lost your weight.


The fact that you think that I was there

to inspire you is laughable, I swear.

You wish to write and I’m aware

that you will do so, we’re a pair


The universe conspires to bring

Strangers together to the thing

that makes the possibilities ring

Opens universal everything.





5 Responses to “poem- junction”

  1. mihrank Says:

    Confidence – You have a powerful confidence in your poem!! Bravo!!

    You don’t always have to be in the lead…
    If you have the heart to come from behind.
    Don’t give up hope, don’t doubt yourself,
    And a new strength is what you’ll find.
    The spirit of competition, the desire to succeed
    will always be important for life.
    So give your all, everything you’ve got,
    No matter the occasion, through pain and strife.
    So step up to the plate, enter the race,
    Never be afraid to take your turn.
    Because winners are people who just never quit,
    And this is a life lesson we all will learn.

  2. Rob McShane Says:

    synchronicity and simplicity in all things! Energies attract those who can share and learn the most from each other – providing we let it be! Nice piece Shawn. Thanks!

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