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poem- marmot love May 7, 2014

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Along the road

the marmots sit on their haunches

beautiful fur coats

glistening shades of light and dark.

They sit, admiring the view,

enjoying the sun,

sharing chirping whistles while

watching the antics of the tourists:

Canada Geese in town

for a romantic vacation.

Two marmots crane their necks

to watch the blue heron

high-stepping in the marsh

and cuddle next to one another;

Marmot-ly loving

on their porch

watching the world go by.




Marmots are pudgy rodents, about 20″ long, and prone to curious investigation.  They kind of look like beavers, but with a bushy squirrel tail.  There is a colony living in the ditch along the TransCanada Hwy at Canoe, BC that I pass every day.  They are very cute.  If you disturb them, they whistle warnings to one another.  They’re pests, because they dig, but they don’t seem to annoy anyone where they’re at right now (a few years), so hopefully they’ll be allowed to stay.  They’re quite entertaining. Yesterday one rose up on his haunches to balance on his back legs like a pudgy little man as I drove by, and made me laugh out loud.  

Here’s a nice photo of one:



20 Responses to “poem- marmot love”

  1. Kinda like Meerkats? I like the cute adorable members of the rodent family like squirrels and rabbits. Now if only New York City would find a way to get rid of the rats and mice in the subway and on various city streets. I’d be very happy.

  2. narble Says:

    Just your title cracked me up. They are pretty cute. We have beavers in Oregon (we are the Beaver State) and nutria…but we call them Mountain Boomers. Why? I’ve no idea. Watching them (and the elk) is certainly better than anything on TV. Here’s more than you want to know:

  3. Nice poem, but I loved your explanation.

  4. benjohnrose Says:

    I really appriciated the information at the end, allowed me to really appriciate the poem more on the second read

  5. beckyg1003 Says:

    they remind me of prairie dogs which also are rodents who dig and live underground.They also make this high pitched whistle to each other. To me they look like fat squirrels with short puppy tails.

  6. Hi Shawn! Loved the poem. Your imagery is quite explicit and a true joy to read. I am from North Carolina, USA and so I have never seen such birds—it was good to experience the birds first hand via your poem. My favorite lines are “Canada Geese in town/ for a romantic vacation.” I like the idea of creating back story to animals and objects. Also, your description at the end made me laugh! Great work.

  7. Oo, they look like mini bears!

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