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poem- day off April 13, 2014

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Reclining, sipping tea,

computer on the knees

Lounging in my jammies,

needing nothing more than

catching up on reading

and my writing chores,

whiling the day away

seems really swell

until someone rings

the damn door bell.




40 Responses to “poem- day off”

    • You know what Flylady says, “Every day get dressed to your shoes!” lol So now I am. 😉

      • I honestly am not familiar with flylady- but after viewing her website I think she might be quite useful! TY.

      • lol I tried really hard for about a month back before she had a ton of merchandise, etc, and was just a mom with good ideas. There are definitely still lots of good ideas but too many emails to deal with in the end, especially if you’re not at home most of the day to do the suggested thing at the moment. Her basic principles are sound, though, and there are some great tips. Cleaning in zones, timed tidy ups, and polishing the sink before bed are brilliant. 🙂

  1. colonialist Says:

    Very good!
    It needs to be someone one REALLY wants to see!

    • Generally it tends to be representatives of assorted religious bodies. Occasionally, it is the bearer of a parcel. Sometimes, a cute little girl peddling cookies. 🙂

      • colonialist Says:

        If one has the time and inclination, it is sometimes fun to take the imposition of religious instruction as an invitation to do some converting back, by pointing out the fallacies in what the beliefs are based on.
        Cookies may be welcome, and the parcel is a brief enough break!

      • I have grown very tolerant over the years. 🙂 I am occasionally invited to play my harp at LDS events, I take full advantage of their genealogical library, and have many LDS friends who have their sons on such missions (and a few of my students are on such missions), so mutual respect is the order of the day.

      • colonialist Says:

        Oh yes, bless the LDS for the research they have given impetus to – although, sadly, some of it is conducted with more ambition than accuracy.
        I still maintain, though, that missionary approaches do not require being taken passively.

  2. thesewordsiwrite2012 Says:

    Reblogged this on thesewordsiwrite2012 and commented:
    Here’s a good poem by a talented writer named Shawn L. Bird!

  3. Athena Says:

    Yup. You have captured a Sunday afternoon for me.

  4. Lorien Says:

    Exactly! Hahaaa! My children have a sixth sense and this uncanny ability to not take naps exactly when I need some self time. If I’m just doing laundry or scrubbing the toilet, they’ll be napping away. But get the old journal out, make a cup of tea, and put pen to paper, then someone is up wailing for me.

  5. Dan Hoger Says:

    Up until the damn door bell, that sounded like a really pleasant day!

  6. I am at home most days and can spend hours writing on the computer in my jammies. Getting dressed to my shoes sounds like a good idea. So does cleaning in zones. I don’t get doorbell interruptions as much as I get phone calls from 1-800 numbers.

    • 🙂 Since I work outside the house, I dress, and I’m kind of famous for my shoe collection, which is vast and eclectic (see assorted posts Most have pictures! lol) However, I’m also a night owl, and on weekends, when I can finally catch up, I tend to start the day rather late. (i.e. my husband will often wake me up returning from a 100 km cycling ride). 😉

  7. y. prior Says:

    this one felt like a rap song – by the time I got to jammies I had a tune in my head – ha! enjoyed it

  8. Abhishek Anand Says:

    Ha Ha!
    Really, that ruins everything. 😀

  9. Geo Sans Says:

    hand written signs
    no soliciting
    we don’t do business
    at our front door
    quiet days

  10. Laine Jensen Says:

    Isn’t that like life. Just when you want to kick your feet up and relax, a good poem comes to the door 🙂

  11. The Arknark Says:

    This one rings very true to the heart.

  12. uniqusatya Says:

    That indeed makes a good day if its a gift parcel at the door 😉

  13. suchled Says:

    Re Day off. Punchy and to the point. I don’t have days off. My wife has a garden and I have to build arbors and move rock.

    • lol

      My husband is grateful I am not a gardener, I think. I do plant, etc in the spring, but it’s all quite low maintenance. My mother (age 85) IS a gardener, and he helps her with the heavier jobs. He likes to be busy, though. 😉

  14. redgladiola Says:

    Always at the most inopportune of times! *winks*

  15. RoSy Says:

    I hate when that happens!

  16. skykinwrite Says:

    LOL … I sympathize … I can ignore the phone just fine…

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