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poem- beginning April 12, 2014

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When we’re beginning

we celebrate the possibility

embrace the new

dream of what’s ahead.

Now we’re beginning

new challenges enfold

new priorities take precedence

new adventures await.

We’re beginning a new journey

into the unknown

with new travelling companions

and a goal on the horizon.

We’re beginning

alone and together

good shoes for the soles,

ready for whatever comes,

one step at a time,



11 Responses to “poem- beginning”

  1. julie blue Says:

    Shawn, I love this one! Makes me think of having children, especially the line “with new travelling companions.” Thanks for reading my blog and for all of the “likes.” Much apppreciated. 🙂

    • My pleasure, and thanks!

      Everyone gets to interpret it as s/he likes, but I started my masters degree today, at long last, and I commute to class with a couple of work colleagues. 😉

  2. Shawn, thank-you. New beginnings as you say, are very inspiring. Realising that you are not alone and there are fellow companions to support, encourage and at times carry us on our chosen path, is completely awesome. Thank you for your inspiration and here’s wishing you infinite joy on your Master journey.

  3. colonialist Says:

    This shows a laudable degree of anticipation rather than of concern!

  4. Meka Says:

    Love this ❤

  5. lpm Says:

    I found this very motivational. Love it!

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