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poem- sick February 11, 2014

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Snuffling with fuzzy head,

her frigid feet

in search of heat,

she creeps, shivering between the sheets.

Piled high with fill from sheep and geese

duvets do not suffice to thaw her feet of ice.

As her teeth tremble a timpanic tintannabulation

of unsympathetic vibrations

She seeks cessation of sensation

in the oblivion of sleep.


27 Responses to “poem- sick”

  1. MA Says:

    Love the alliteration. Feel better.

  2. Nice! Shawn, I did some of these sick poems when I was down with H1N1. WordPress purging toward some kind of health. I think it helped. ha ha. Stay positive. Will yourself to wellness.

  3. Bastet Says:

    Oh dear hope whoeveer is shivery with fever will soon be well!

  4. words4jp Says:

    I hope you are up and about soon:) even in your sickly state, you write beautifully;)

  5. quarksire Says:

    wow; a timpanic tintannabulation

    of unsympathetic vibrations…. 🙂 compassionately said! take care……Q

  6. Y. Prior Says:

    this is such a GREAT poem – but I would insert the he for the she because my husband has been sick the past two days – and well, okay, would change a few other parts too – but really loved this poem…. 🙂 ~y.

    • My husband has been sick, too. Normally that would mean more work for me, but I’m sicker, so it neutralizes his complaints. 😉

      • Y. Prior Says:

        so sorry to hear that you both are down and out – and that you are worse!

        (and as you know, I love your “way with words….” and this current poem was one of those nice to read aloud as well…. “seeks cessation of sensation
        in the oblivion of sleep….”)
        hope you heal up soon….

      • Thank you. A little more head space today, the fog is thinner…

  7. simono1968 Says:

    Been there before, get well soon

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