Shawn L. Bird

Original poetry, commentary, and fiction. All copyrights reserved.

poem-who knew? February 3, 2014

Who knew

when love first entangled

that rapture yields both

blessing and anguish?

Anticipated joy

dashed by disability,

disease, dread,


Watching beloved baby


and the love that begat

all the suffering

lies so tangled

in anguish

that it’s difficult to

find it at all.


15 Responses to “poem-who knew?”

  1. quarksire Says:

    i think Wow! . is what i think ,

  2. that is the most horrible thing to happen. I hope it is not personal. hope and pray!

  3. davidprosser Says:

    Such a dark comment on marriage and love Shawn.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  4. Leroy Says:

    Another beautiful set of words Shawn. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Geo Sans Says:

    reminds me
    a tough situation
    vancouver island
    right now

  6. graceh13 Says:


  7. Wow. I’m reading your work again after a long time, and I’m so impressed by what I’m reading. I feel like these newer pieces do your talent better justice, and with more regularity, than I saw before.

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