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quote- Diana Gabaldon’s advice to aspiring writers January 22, 2014



On Twitter yesterday, a young fan asked Diana if she had any advice for aspiring writers who felt completely inadequate.  This was Diana’s response.  I plan to frame it and post it all over my class room.  You don’t get better at ANYTHING unless you practise.   Dedication will pay off in the long run, as long as you work at it, and endeavour to keep improving.  Diana was brilliantly concise.  (Being a ballerina drop out, I can vouch for the accuracy, too!  I never got on my toes.) 😉


14 Responses to “quote- Diana Gabaldon’s advice to aspiring writers”

  1. Catherine Johnson Says:

    That’s a great quote, I couldn’t agree more. There’s no such thing as talent.

  2. timthepoet Says:

    I would agree wholeheartedly. I think practice is necessary and then you have to a certain humility of spirit to know that you have away to go. It’s funny, I follow a woman called FlyLady who helps keep her followers houses tidy. She was on about the same thing today. People are looking for a magic wand to get their houses clean but it’s actually their arms that are the magic wand, if only they’d realise.

    • Ah, FlyLady. So many reminders of things to do at home, while I’m at work. lol I followed her a decade or 2 ago when she first started. Now I follow her on Twitter, but I get so many messages I rarely see hers.

  3. lookinup2014 Says:

    An excellent quote. Although some things may come easier to you, while other things seem to be a struggle. Practice will improve either of these scenarios further.

  4. Val Boyko Says:

    If we try to develop something we don’t have a natural talent for, then we can become good enough. If we develop and build on a natural talent then we can become exceptional and brilliant!!
    We can still choose what we want to work on and practice 🙂
    Thanks for visiting Shawn!

  5. David Kenyon Says:

    Very true – unless you get complacent.

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