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my first video poem- Dear Sam Heughan November 27, 2013

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I haven’t had time to do another video poem in months, but here is a re-visit of my first one. lol This poem was written after a fantastically amusing night on Twitter with Diana and Outlander fans around the world. Hearing it still makes me giggle. Outlander the mini-series is filming! Next summer we’ll get to Sam being Jamie. The promo photos released are awesome!

CLICK HERE to go to the Youtube link

Shawn L. Bird

It took a whole lot longer than I expected, but I managed to record a video, despite the objections of the dogs, the fact that apparently there is not enough light in my house to film a video at midnight for some reason, and the fact that YouTube no longer believes I am who I am, so I had to make a new channel!

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, so I’m feeling quite accomplished!  Today we were at a wedding, and I’m still a gilded lily, so what better time, right?

Since the most popular poem on my blog (by a LONG shot) is Dear Sam Heughan that is where I began. (If you haven’t read it you may want to.  The Twitter debate at the end is entertaining).  Anyway, here I am, in all my animated splendour!  

Oh- sorry about the hair flipping.  I didn’t…

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3 Responses to “my first video poem- Dear Sam Heughan”

  1. doncarroll Says:

    you have a very nice delivery in that of range – not monotone. I’ve done some readings in erie pa. I’ve worked on my delivery but it’s still somewhat monotone.

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