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poem- doggy dreams November 8, 2013

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In your old dog dreams

you’re racing, chasing, barking–

a puppy again.


35 Responses to “poem- doggy dreams”

  1. Catherine Johnson Says:

    Cute and funny!

  2. wbdeejay Says:

    Yes it’s fun to watch pets dream, especially when you know they are less mobile while awake.

  3. Love my 3 pups and I do wonder what animals dream…this is so sweet.

  4. matthewexeter Says:


  5. I watch our Boxer run, jump, and bark while sound asleep. I hope she is dreaming of being a puppy.

  6. Very creative imagings. Dreams from the dogs point of view. Sometimes I wonder what my cats dream about? Mice? Fancy Feast? Whiskas? Weezer is really knocked out when he naps but Sylvester always seems to be semi-awake. Whenever I get up or change position in bed, he gets up with me and re-positions himself so I get the full effect of his fishy kitty breath! LOL!

  7. gmp11 Says:

    Well written. Reminds me, I haven’t written about my four legged beast in a while. Thanks for the idea 🙂

  8. Chess Says:

    Love it 🙂

  9. words4jp Says:

    ah – this is so sweet. 🙂

  10. poetry Says:

    it`s nice, watching the world from animal eye

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