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language & brain September 4, 2013

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Shawn L. Bird

The ability to speak a second language isn’t the only thing that distinguishes bilingual people from their monolingual counterparts—their brains work differently, too. … A new study published in Psychological Science reveals that knowledge of a second language—even one learned in adolescence—affects how people read in their native tongue. The findings suggest that after learning a second language, people never look at words the same way again. 

Wenner, Melinda. “The Neural Advantage of Speaking 2 Languages.” Scientific American Mind.  January 2010.

Melinda Wenner’s article in Scientific American fascinates me for many reasons.  I have friends whose children were born in bilingual environments, and it has always amazed me how  fluidly these children move between languages.  It has frequently been observed that students in French Immersion tend to be among the strongest in the school. Is this because they were already so, or have their brains been improved by second language…

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