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quote- write anyway August 25, 2013

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Another quotation from Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird,

I tell my students that the odds of their getting published  and of it bringing them financial security, peace of mind, and even joy are probably not that great.  Ruin, hysteria, bad skin, unsightly tics, ugly financial problems, maybe; but to write anyway.  But I try to make sure they understand that writing and even getting good at it, and having books and stories and articles publishes, will not open the doors that most of them hope for.  It will not make them well.  It will not give them the feeling that the world has finally validated  their parking tickets, that they have in fact finally arrived.  My writer friends, and they are legion, do not go around beaming with quiet feelings of contentment.  Most of them go around with haunted, abused, surprised looks on their faces, like lab dogs on whom very personal deodorant sprays have been tested. (p. xxx)

lol.  This one rings true.  🙂  However, whenever I get a note from someone who has read and loved my novels or a compliment about my poetry, it feels quite marvelous!


15 Responses to “quote- write anyway”

  1. hehe, the sunniness of your last line made me smile. Definitely sound advice from Lamotte, I think, and strange and beautifully written too.

  2. ghostinthewalls Says:

    *Eyes become moist just in the reading of this. Wonders if he should even mention this in the comments… And does.* (smile with sigh) ~ Bill

  3. M.R. Says:

    She’s a marvellus writer and woman

  4. M E McMahon Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this. You had me at “Write anyway.” I’m too old to dream of fame and riches and living knee deep in adoration from my readers…but I write anyway. And, will continue to so until my last breath! I’m not sure I have a choice.

  5. M E McMahon Says:

    Reblogged this on A Dream Come True and commented:
    This reminds me of the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for.”

  6. I love Lamott’s perspective on writing. Great quote.

  7. Bastet Says:

    And still we write…great post.

  8. mandimon Says:

    How encouraging to read this today…having a throw-in-the-towel kind of day. Thank you.

  9. Loca Gringa Says:

    Ha! Grammar, grammar, grammar the teachers and professors would pound into me. Your style is this or your style is that they would critique. Could never get an “A” in their damn classes. Well then, I’ll have them know that yes my grammar sucks, jajaja, but it sucks in 3 languages, and my style is just that, my style … no rules 😀

    My writing is a labour of love and needs to be nurtured as though it were a child. I’m happy to have the ability to affect change through my words, photography, and my art. Therein lies my personal success. Therein lies my obsessions. Therein lies my madness!

    Great post to start my day plugging away!

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