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Poem-dropped plunder haiku July 15, 2013

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On my deck, a fat

red cherry, bleeding hot juices

from beak shaped gash.


7 Responses to “Poem-dropped plunder haiku”

  1. pi314chron Says:

    Love this one! I’ve lost my share of cherries, apricots, and pears to various birds thru the years, so relating to your nice haiku is easy!


    • lol I don’t have a cherry tree, and I don’t even know anyone in our immediate area with one. It was huge, too, a good 3 cm in diameter. I feel sorry for the crow who lost it! Much better for them to TAKE them, that to nibble little bites out of several and leave them on the tree to rot. 😉

  2. fyarlgiles Says:

    I love your choice of words.

  3. Great haiku! Love it! I’m glad you found me and we get to start reading each other’s work.

    Your haiku metaphor is brilliant! 🙂

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