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Amazingly well trained dog! July 13, 2013

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Yeah.  I’m still avoiding my CampNaNoWriMo writing (I just added a question mark! That’s something!).

It’s my husband’s fault for sending this to me in an email.  It’s absolutely amazing!  And he’s so HAPPY!  Wonderful to see a joyful, clever canine.   OJ can do 3 of these.  Dusty could do about 5 in his prime.  How many can YOUR dog do?



9 Responses to “Amazingly well trained dog!”

  1. ettis Says:

    Loved it. Thanks

  2. hhahah 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this!!

  3. davidprosser Says:

    Amazingly clever dog. I was very impressed. xxxx

    • Theoretically, I know how to train this sort of trick. I am now pondering my ‘old dogs’ and whether they’re up to the challenge. I think “look left” and “look right” would be fun. I recently taught OJ to “wag” on command. Hmm

  4. navaara Says:

    I don’t think any of my dogs, certainly not my cats, and NO FRIGGIN’ WAY for any of my horses, ever! The Bichon is good to do a little dance to get a treat, but he can only turn to the right, the whole left thing is like a Zoolander movie. Thanks, the video was fun, even though a certain little white Bichon would not pay attention.

    • lol Sometimes I wonder if they let us *think* they can’t, just so they don’t have to go through the effort. Kind of like a lot of high school students, actually.

  5. irinadim Says:

    It’s unbelievable what this dog can do! I really enjoyed this video. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Beautiful, I really enjoyed it. Trust me to pick a sad one after it. lol

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