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saxy poem April 18, 2013

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The bari-sax

is very sexy.

Those low




to your soul

and grind around

in your groin. 

I love




This is culled from a bio piece about the Grace Awakening Myth character Ryan, who plays sax.  You may have noticed that Ryan is a little obsessed with sex, as well.


14 Responses to “saxy poem”

  1. barbmca Says:

    very nice

  2. RoSy Says:

    Quite a hot number!

  3. kingmidget Says:

    Well done.

  4. Geo Sans Says:

    the notes



    curved hips

    digging into


  5. Mike Says:

    The assonance in this piece is marvelously effective to the tone that is the central focus. Great wit. Well done.

  6. SirenaTales Says:

    Ooooooo, love this! I, too, love the saxophone-aspire to choreograph dance as the saxophone sings, growls, hoots, caresses, grooves. Thank you for this inspiration. Cheers.

  7. lawsonsotherdog Says:

    Don’t mind a bit of sax myself…………signed Doctor Sax

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