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tree time March 21, 2013

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Centuries go by

in whirling winds, in rustling rains

in silent snow


Centuries go by

Moccasins tread silently,

worship towering boughs.


Centuries go by

Path’s pounded into road and

jarring engines rush


Centuries go by


Stout Grove Redwoods

Stout Grove Redwoods


2 Responses to “tree time”

  1. Ray Sharp Says:

    I biked from Eugene, Oregon to San Francisco, and through this very redwood grove, last summer with my family. About 60 miles a day, camping.
    You saw my Spanish poem, el corazon. Did you go to a Spanish speaking country on Rotary exchange? I’m trying to convinve my daughter to do a gap year before college, but she resists.

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