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scribere nunc February 28, 2013

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I thought I’d have a ring or bracelet made with a Latin inscription that reminds me of my goal to “write a thousand words a day.”  I have played around with the Google translator and it offers me:

Scribere milia verborum quotidie

It looks rather impressive, doesn’t it?  Unfortuately, the ring I have in mind has room for 30 characters, and this is 32.   I could go with “write a thousand”

Scribere milia

or even “a thousand words”

Milia verborum

I could skip the amount, and just say “write daily” which is probably the most essential point

Scribere quotidie

Finally, I decided that I could boil it down to a single injunction:

Scribere nunc

Yep.  That’s the crucial component of the exercise.  Quit goofing around.  No more procrastinating.  Turn off Facebook.  Quick checking out eBay.

Write now.


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