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wild photos January 8, 2013

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This is just cool.  Wildlife taking self-portraits at Banff National Park.



14 Responses to “wild photos”

  1. lylekrahn Says:

    I enjoyed that as well. Thanks for posting.

  2. adorable shot.

    Happy 2013,
    keep writing and sharing.

  3. Reblogged this on Shawn L. Bird and commented:

    It’s time to re-visit this great video from Banff National Park.

  4. quarksire Says:

    2 Kewl fer Skewl 🙂 awesome shotz they gotz … Q

  5. macromichael Says:

    Really cool. An archetypal thing for me to find this on my screen today, as my son and I saw a black bear at close range today – in the lower mainland (close to the river). This is the closest either of us has been to a bear in the wild. and the first bear I have seen in years. 🙂

    • What a coincidence! I haven’t seen one up close in a while, but they used to be in our neighbourhood all the time when we lived north of Prince George, back in the day. They taste like pork, FYI. 😉

  6. seagullnic Says:

    I used to live near Banff in Scotland. Some years ago my mother visited a cousin in Calgary and when she returned brought back photos of Banff in Canada. Until that time I had no idea there was a second Banff! It looks wonderful and vast.

    • Our Banff is a lovely area, with elk wandering through town, an amazing School of Fine Arts, and the regal Banff Springs Hotel: a castle of sorts. It’s 6,641 km2 (2,564 sq mi) (There are 12 national parks and reserves in Canada that are larger than that) and adjoined by several other parks so a drive through the Rockies offers many opportunities to camp, hike, and explore preserved areas. Because of the VERY busy TransCanada Highway, it used to be quite dangerous, but some amazingly intelligent initiatives to built overpasses and underpasses has dramatically improved accident rates. Check it out: Here’s a Youtube video which shows photos: I think this project is brilliant.

      • seagullnic Says:

        Just wow!
        My mum said her impression of Canada was its vastness. My cousin has lived near Calgary for more than 12 years now… they saw their first Grizzly in the wild when my mum visited them about seven yaers ago.
        Banff in Scotland is just a small fishing town on the North East coast… if ever you get a chance to see the movie Local Hero that will give a taste of the other Banff!
        Thank you.

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