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be real January 2, 2013

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Names are important to us.  For one thing, they tie us to this world; the ground us in reality somewhat.  If you know your True Name–not everyone in our world finds it–you’re more “real” than if you don’t know who you are.  And for a race that has a tendency to fade away if we’re forgotten, that’s kind of a big deal.

Julie Kagawa in Summer’s Crossing.

So what is your true name?  Do you know your own true name intrinsically, or do you learn it as you grow?   Is your name the one your parents wrote on your birth certificate, or the pet name they called you as you grew?  Is it more like the cultures who wait until your character discloses your name?

Kagawa says you need to know your true name to become real.

It’s all rather disturbing and profound.


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