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colour December 19, 2012

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“I tended to avoid grey, which made me look like I’d been inexpertly embalmed.”

(Claire in Echo of the Bone by Diana Gabaldon)

This phrase made me chuckle, as it’s so true.

Colour is such an important key to self-esteem.  If you walk around in colours that don’t match your complexion, you tend to look rather sickly.  While Claire, with her golden glow, amber eyes, and brown hair, avoids grey.  I avoid brown, and choose shades of grey as my neutral colour of choice.

How about you?  What colours make you shine?  Which make you look ill?


5 Responses to “colour”

  1. According to the Boss, dark brown and black are great for me but I should avoid yellow. Now I know I had three yellow shirts that were favourites but where have I put them, not having seen them for months now? It’s funny, but I haven’t laid eyes on them since she mentioned I shouldn’t wear them because they make my skin look even more sallow than it is. Hmmm

  2. I tend to look best in the colors that stimulate me most emotionally…cobalt blue, bold orange, pistachio green, magenta…I avoid yellow…with the exception of primrose, and look terrible in any shade of beige or pale brown. Deep, rich browns, I can wear. Off white is my neutral color of choice.

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