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Thanksgiving invocation October 7, 2012

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May we each be thankful for the friends that surround us, the trials that strengthen us, the work of our hands, and the joy in our lives.

(c) Shawn L Bird.  Free use within Rotary, but please give credit, and identify in the comments below, the name of your club and the date  you used it.


25 Responses to “Thanksgiving invocation”

  1. Louise Brennan Says:

    I have been asked to say the invocation this week at our changeover dinner & choose this as my favorite. Rotary club of Horsham East

  2. Toni Lucas Says:

    La Salle Rotary — used it today 11/25/13 — seemed especially appropriate for Thanksgiving week.

  3. Carol Barrett Says:

    Using today in Burbank, California. The non-denominational aspect is very much appreciated.

  4. pi314chron Says:

    Heya! Thanks for dropping by and liking one of my haiku! I need to check up on your blog, too!

    And a waaaaay belated Thanksgiving to you! (October 13, i believe!) 🙂



  5. billkorich Says:

    H!, the beauty that surrounds you, the ones you touch their heart and soul, and the peace & joy, reaching out to others. I, love the book that is out there waiting for me. I have authored two (true story books) on Kendal.
    “A Spiritual Love Story” a blind date of 6 hours and she said yes, married for 59 years, ” Courage and Strength, one day at a time”. Your writing and poetry–you forgot more than I will ever know
    Thank You Lord–“Amen”

    • My parents met on a blind date and were married pretty soon afterwards- 52 years so far (2nd marriage for each, one had 10 years and the other 20 with first spouses). 🙂 We met and were married in under 8 months, ourselves, and are coming onto 30.

  6. billkorich Says:

    H!, with all of the distraction that are out there–30 years is beautiful, in the same breath, I told my wife for the first time,” I love you will you marry me” yes, and then and only then, ” we kissed for the first time”. If you are blessed with any child or children–the life style of a mother–you are on an island–for the first 12 to 16 years, and the captain–is dropping anchor all the time with supplies and support. After that time frame, Wanda and I, had the time and supplies to be together again.
    Honest We Did
    Thank You Lord “Amen”

    • lol We were engaged before we kissed the first time, too. 😉
      (Plainly Bill, we were equally old-fashioned!)

      You’re right, it was quite wonderful once the kids left, so nice to be able to focus on one another after all the interjections of kids.

  7. Sandra A McDowall Says:

    I used this thanksgiving invocation at our Rotary Club today in Seaside, Oregon. Lovely.

    • Oh! Seaside is lovely! It seems to me I once tried to attend one of your meetings, but the club was off on a wine tour that day, so I was alone on the sidewalk. I’m glad my invocation got to attend without me! 🙂

  8. Andy Henrikson Says:

    Thank you for the nicely written invocation. I am using it today with our Mundelein-Vernon Hills Rotary Club of Illinois.

  9. I am intending to say this tomorrow at our Inner Wheel lunch. It is just what I was looking for. Thank you.

  10. Rod O'Leary Says:

    Hi Shawn. The Rotary Club of Carterton,. District 9940in New Zealand, is using this tomorrow 12/9/2016.
    Many thanks
    Rod O’Leary

  11. So Awesomely beautiful! Thanks for this wonderful share!

    I so appreciate your views on my site!!!

  12. Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet and commented:
    Come read a most beautiful – “Thanksgiving Invocation”

  13. Theresa Lubke Says:

    Thank you. I’m using this today, Nov. 20, 2018 at the Marion (Ohio) Rotary Club meeting.

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