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literary wedding August 13, 2012

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I’m still thinking of weddings and anniversaries!  Yesterday our niece Sara married Mario in a simple backyard ceremony.  Congratulations,  you two!  We were unable to attend due to my high school reunion, but apparently it inspired some writing.  That’s the thing about real life.  It tends to show up in our writing, though often with extensive imaginary embellishment!

A month or so back, I posted the start of a story called 479 which is set at a wedding.  I asked for some suggestions.  I also learned that if by any chance I wanted to enter the piece in a short story competition at SIWC I can’t post the rest of it.  So…

I did finish manage to finish it yesterday, though.  So if you’re wondering what happens in the next 1500 words, I will tell you that there are two fires, a murder, a hidden room, and a polygamist involved.  For the rest of details, you’ll just have to wait until October 23!

(I did say extensive imaginary embellishment!) 🙂


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