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Mind. Blown. June 4, 2012

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In this age of instant everything, e-books are growing in popularity because they can be ordered instantly to your reader.  What if you want a paperback book, though?  Well, instant gratification exists for you, too.  Once, you had to order the book, which the Print on Demand service would quickly print and pop into the mail for you.  It’d arrive within a few days, saving significantly on storage costs, etc.  But three days isn’t exactly instant enough.

Enter the Espresso Book Machine coming soon to a book store, café,or laundromat near you!  Choose a book from the hundreds (thousands? millions?) stored in the data-base, from self-published books and public domain classics, to those from future looking publishers, push a button, and voilá, instant paperback book.  Your book, printed to order, in minutes.


How?  Well, prepare to be amazed!  Check out this video:



One Response to “Mind. Blown.”

  1. An excellent idea if larger Cafe’s wanted to turn themselves into reading rooms too. This video makes no mention of payment as to whether it’s a slot machine payment or not. I wonder how it would cope on special prices being offered by some companies. ie. On Amazon my book may be full price but on Lulu it may be at a 10% discount. Who would be responsible for making sure the author got the appropriate Royalties.
    I love the idea of walking in somewhere and perhaps doing a reading f the book while people enjoy a coffee and then they can buy a copy before they leave. Maybe book prices would have to be standardised depending upon the number of pages.
    To be honest with so many Kindle readers and the prices for ebooks being low I wonder whether a machine that did paperbacks could fly or whether the novelty would soon wear off.
    As an author I’d love to see them everywhere though since it might help sales where people are reluctant to use the net to buy things.

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