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The following article was written for the Rotary page in the local Shuswap Observer paper.



When we choose to join a Rotary Club, we choose to commit ourselves to community and international service. Sometimes our service is about fundraising for a worthwhile project, like our Pennies for Heaven drop held at the fair which raised money for the purchase of a Gamma probe for the hospital and for the accessible playground being built at Blackburn Park. Other projects are hands-on. There are small projects, like fixing up trails at Haney Park, or the Rotary Trail that winds from Little Mountain to Shuswap Lake. We clean up parks, like Peter Jennick Park on the shoreline. These small projects offer community improvement, and are a visible demonstration of our effort.

However, some of our projects are larger in scope, and make a significant difference in the lives of people around the world. Last summer, Mike Boudreau of Tech-Brew Engineering went to Kenya. As a result of meeting with a Rotary Club there, he organized a project to improve a water system, and to provide lunches for students at Burrani High School. Knowing how important nutrition is to learning, we know that this project is making a difference.

Dental Mission Esperanza 2012. Imagine the pain of these barnacle-like cavities

Another huge project is the dental mission to poor people in Cuenca Ecuador. In January of this year Dr. Eugene Tymkiw and dental assistant Donna Cook were part of Medical Dental Mission Esperanza (“hope”) providing dental treatment to children in poor mountain schools as well as to patients about to have orthopedic surgery. When our club saw photos of the teeth he treated, some that looked more like barnacles than teeth, we were particularly proud to support Gene in his international service. Our club helped purchase a portable digital dental x-ray machine which proved to be invaluable to the team.

Dr Gene Tymkiw and happy patient in Ecuador

Rotary makes a difference in our community and our world. We’re proud to put service above self. We invite you to join us.  Come visit our club website at


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