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much ado in English class! March 14, 2012

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Just for fun, here is an interpretation of Act Two of Much Ado About Nothing by a group of my linear English 9 class.  They did a good job with it, and I have to say, I love Don John! ;-P


3 Responses to “much ado in English class!”

  1. trixijinx Says:

    Hahahaha! They did such a great job! I agree, Don John steals the show; “I am Don John!”

  2. Reblogged this on Shawn L. Bird and commented:
    Here’s some fun for you! Last year’s Eng 9 class playing with Shakespeare. Have a chuckle!

  3. summerstommy2 Says:

    Hi Shawn,
    Shakespeare is a lot of fun to play with and playing in modern vernacular is a lot of fun.
    We have a national Shakespeare comp over her, at least we used to. Anyway they instituted a new category a few years back called ‘mash-up’.
    In this you can use 50% Shakespeare and 50%Modern language.
    We have found this has allowed our students to have a greater access to Shakespeare where like your students they can experiment and play with the story line and the language.
    I have to admit it was also good to see someone else’s drama performance space.
    Thanks for sharing your students work.

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