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Bunny magic! March 3, 2012

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Oh my word! Have you seen these brilliant bunny animations? They present very amusing 30 second summaries of movies (or series!) with bunnies ‘acting’ the roles. Check out their interpretation of Harry Potter.  They also have a Harry Potter part two.  What an excellent demonstration of how you can summarize succinctly!  Mind you, if you don’t know the movies, it will be particularly confusing!


3 Responses to “Bunny magic!”

  1. des Says:

    Hilarious! Aren’t they?

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      I know!! 😀 I needed the laugh after this week. It made me particularly happy to see High Inquisitor Christy Clark, urrr that is, Dolores Umbridge, being set upon by centaurs at the end of Part one… If only!

  2. Jeyna Grace Says:

    Sounds interesting!

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