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Eulogy for life January 19, 2012

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I needed a poem for the English 9 final exam.  It needed to fit the theme, and have some poetic devices.  After scanning assorted books, I gave up and wrote my own. The title comes from a literal transliteration of eulogy- Good words.


If I could
I would
Follow you forever, friend
Through years of fears, of tears.

I’d follow you
Through toys, boys, noise, joys
To poise.

If I could,
I’d follow, friend
But I am as a hollow end.
Be brave,
I am a memory saved
Despite the cave
of grave.


2 Responses to “Eulogy for life”

  1. Keren Huyter Says:

    Makes me think of my Jodi….

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      Oh yeah. When I wrote toys, boys, noise I was thinking of the progression through childhood and adolescence, but it applies to your crazy household of 4 boys particularly well, doesn’t it? RIP Jodi.

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