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that bloody Scot November 4, 2011

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I’ve been reading through the Outlander books in the last month or so. As a result, I’ve been exploring fan sites and such, pondering the romantic attraction of Jamie Fraser, since he does seem to have a lot of ladies all over the world in quite a tizzy.

I’ve written some ideas down already, but another one just occured to me. Here is a rare man- a manly man of the purest order, a man with so much testosterone that he is noticed everywhere he goes, is bitterly hated, lusted after. etc, but when he comes home to his woman, wounded from the fight and sorrowful over the hard responsibilities of having to kill or maim to keep his people safe, he talks about his feelings.

Oh yes. Women aren’t impressed so much by all that killing and cunning stuff, but they adore a man who can talk about his feelings.  Jamie is astute, he knows about his own feelings, he understands Claire’s feelings, and when he doesn’t, he asks her about them, and he listens.  He talks about the mushy stuff, he isn’t afraid to admit his weaknesses, he listens and he understands.  Wow.  Now THAT’s a man.  He doesn’t sound much like an 18th century man, does he?  or a 21st century one, either for that matter.  Women can only dream of finding a man like that.

Particularly one wearing a kilt.


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