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Yesterday I wrote a love song September 15, 2011

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While Grace Awakening Power (Book two in the series) is out for final edits, I’m working on Grace Awakening Myth, the third book. Grace Awakening Myth is Awakening Dreams told from Ben’s perspective. Poor Ben (aka Orpheus!) is suffering at the moment with his shattered nose.  He’s in pursuit of his beloved Grace, and she is not being cooperative.  He’s suffering so much that it was time for a cathartic poem…


Yesterday I wrote a love song
Spun in circles
Weaving memory
Reaching past today
Touching yesterday
Touching you
The only way
That’s left.

Yesterday was wrapped in kisses
Spun on cycles
Weaving history
Reaching past today
Touching yesterday
Touching you
The only way
That’s left.

Today you’re gone and how I long
For circles cycles
Memory and history
Reaching past today
Touching yesterday
Touching you
The only way
That’s left

Tomorrow needs to be prolonged
Spin our cycle
To eternity
Reaching through today
Beyond yesterday
Touching you
Every day
That’s best.



Not sure whether or not that will end up being in the book.  I think it would make an awesome song.  I need a musician to take on that challenge…  

Submitted as part of the Gooseberry Garden poetry picnic.  If you are here for the picnic, please include a link to your own submission if you leave a comment.  Thanks!


11 Responses to “Yesterday I wrote a love song”

  1. Keren Huyter Says:

    That would make a lovely song 🙂

  2. Kay Salady Says:

    It’s beautiful.

  3. terri0729 Says:

    I agree that it should be made into a song!!! Blessings, Terri

  4. I agree; Lovely song! Beautiful write! Lots of wonderful lines and great flow!

  5. Morning Says:



    go beyond the past and learn from one’s errors, fly and love.

    this is what we all need, love the sentiments in it, you rock.


  6. love the motives, fun read.


  7. Bodhirose Says:

    It’s too bad that sometimes love has to be remembered as yesterday. This is very creative and beautifully done–I love it.

    Here is my link:

  8. mahagha Says:

    Ohmygosh. Amazing… Wow. Beautiful poem. ❤

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