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Responsible government April 20, 2011

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There is a certain expectation we have of leaders.  If a school principal stormed about screeching incomprehensively, kids would neither respect him nor listen to him.  His more positive leadership abilities would be lost in the extremely visible hysteria.  If a teen wants something, stomping and shouting is less likely to attain the goal, than quiet, persistent pressure and negotiation.  If a dog is yapping uncontrollably while you’re trying to talk to someone at the door, the dog gets a firm silencing.  Yet in the House of Commons, screeching, shouting and yapping are the order of the day.

How can the grown men and women who wish to govern our nation expect to be taken seriously as trustworthy, thoughtful people when their behaviour suggests they are hysterical toddlers?  Whenever I tune into Question Period I last about twenty seconds before I have to change the channel because the bickering sounds like an out of control Middle School classroom. 

So how about it folks?  If you want to govern the country, how about showing some self-control and good sense?  Quit shouting in the background while other people are trying to speak.  Quit calling each other names.  Quit using scare tactics to try to convince the populace that negotiating in a coalition scenario is worse than having one man’s ideas shoved down our throats.  Let’s see some real responsible government for once.  That’s my expectation of a leader.  Let’s hope after this election we have one.


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