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My insurance carrier knows me well… March 7, 2011

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I got my auto insurance renewal notice from ICBC the other day. As I read down to the bottom, I noticed a ‘clip off’ section with the note: “Don’t let this disappear under a pile of paperwork. Cut out the slip below and stick it on the fridge.”
I pointed it out to my husband and commented, “Hon, look! ICBC knows me!”

He snickered and said, “If they really knew you, they’d say, ‘Quick, give this notice to your husband.'”

😉 All the sadder because it’s so true.  I adore that man who keeps my world spinning by maintaining the mundane order of things.  Whatever would I do without him?  Someone recently asked me how I manage to keep a daily blog, teach, write a novel, and ‘all the other stuff.’  He’s why.  He holds the string so I can fly.


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