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no no no September 28, 2010

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Another teen in our community has died in horrendous circumstances.  This one was a kind, considerate young man who sat quietly in my classroom two years ago.  Always easy to work with.  Thoughtful responses.  A really nice kid whom I was glad to know. 

And now he’s gone.

The circumstances aren’t important.  Choices lead to actions.  Sometimes our choices lead us into the wrong car, the wrong pathway, the wrong friendships.  Sometimes our choices lead us on detours but we find the right way eventually.  Sometimes our choices bring  joy and celebration.  Sometimes they bring mourning.

I don’t want to outlive my students, and I am intending to live a long time yet. 

 So here’s what I want you guys to do:

Hold your friends close, make sure they know you value them.   Help them to make the right choices, so you can all grow old together.  Love each other.  You’re the most valuable resource on the planet, and the future needs EACH one of you!


5 Responses to “no no no”

  1. Dusty Ruggles Says:

    That honestly made me cry. It doesn’t seem fair that the older you get the more people die. Even as a teenager it seems to happen that way. 😥

  2. Catherine Urae Says:

    Death and grief is nothing you can prepare yourself for. =(
    I just hope that the Jackson family is going to be alright. I’m worried about them.

  3. Monica Kriese Says:

    So well said Shawn. Now, more than ever we need to reach out to all those we love and care about; give strangers a smile and friends a kind word, a hug and some of our time.

    Many tender memories soften your grief,
    May fond recollection bring you relief,
    And may you find comfort and peace in the thought
    Of the joy that knowing your loved one brought…
    For time and space can never divide
    Or keep your loved one from your side
    When memory paints in colors true
    The happy hours that belonged to you.
    ~ Helen Steiner Rice

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