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poem- parents and child February 16, 2014

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What you wanted to be

Everything you wanted to see

Was it you who lied?

Or was it me?

What dreams did you hide

in the tears you cried?

Was it you who lied?

Or was it me?

When your mother sighed

When your father denied

When you tried to foresee

Was it you who lied?

or was it me?

Were we lacking in pride?

Why could you not confide?

We simply could not see

so was it you who lied?

or was it me?


confusing life and love February 16, 2011

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Daily Blog prompt #47  What Part of life confuses you?



What is the meaning of life?

to love and be loved

Nope that’s not confusing.

Why am I here?

To love and be loved

That’s not confusing.

Why do we have to learn this stuff?

Because you need to understand so you can

love and be loved.

That’s not confusing.

Why do bad things happen?

Some folks don’t know how

to love or be loved.

That’s not confusing.

What’s confusing?


It’s amazing how it orders the universe,

but it’s confusing.


my  love plus your love

multiplies into our love.

No confusion there.


This prompt really irritated me, because I don’t find many things confusing.  I tend to shrug off connundroms as unworthy of too much attention, since ambiguity is the nature of most situations and since one person’s confusion is another person’s complexity.   I suppose I have a rather simple philosophy.   After brewing over it all day, I stepped out of my car as I got home from work, and the light bulb pinged above my head illuminating one word: math.    As an English major, I never could figure out that higher level math stuff.  Math majors might find it complex, but not confusing.  For me, theoretical mathematics twist my brain in painful ways.  So here is my offering.  When things are too complex and confusing, simplify until you’re at the basic elements.  There it is: love.


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