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PURCHASE MY BOOKS April 26, 2012


Click the covers to go to purchase links.



Released April 2018 by Coffin Hop Press, MURDERING MR. EDWARDS.  Click the cover to purchase.

One obnoxious English teacher, twelve tales of his death. 

Diana Gabaldon says “Loved it!”


Fourteen year old Grace doesn’t know it yet, but she’s been around for three thousand years waiting to fulfill her destiny to become one of the Three Graces of Greek Mythology. Forces are battling for her love, her body and her destiny. Now all she needs to do is survive the war. This omnibus edition includes Books One and Two of the Grace Awakening series.  Click the cover to buy.

In Book one: Awakening Dreams, Grace discovers the devotion of a love that has followed her through time. She also discovers the evil forces that are determined to destroy her life in Calgary. As she faces attacks and begins to find her own strength, Grace awakens to the other reality that her dreams reveal.

In Book two: Awakening Power, Grace has been sent to the interior of British Columbia and must learn to live without her love’s physical presence in her life. As the attacks increase, Grace faces a battle to accept her destiny and to save the man she loves, their life together, and the joy, beauty and radiance that fuel all artistic endeavours in the world.



These teen quick reads are set in the fictional lakeside town. The stories are stand-alone, but characters visit each others’ stories.



In these adult short stories, great shoes empower Nikki Knox and her sidekick Kip in the corporate world.



All my ebooks are available here:

123 Prompts for poets & novelists

Grace Awakening Dreams and Grace Awakening Power are available at the Kindle store, Barnes and Noble, and the iBook store on iTunes..  



2011.  There are 48 poems in 60 pages.  It’s $7.49.  You can purchase it here.


The scene on the cover, by the way, is at Fontaine de Vaucluse, France just a hundred metres or so from the source of the Sorgue River.  We visited in 2011.


I have published an e-book of 22 haiku poems.  It is entitled A Year In Love.  You can purchase it here.  It’s 99c, but if you use coupon code QK59P, you can have it free, my gift to you.



I also have 3 poems in Runo päivässä – Poem a Day published by Cabin Books in Finland.  I was honoured to be one of very few English language poets included in this collection. Most of the poems are in Finnish.





17 Responses to “PURCHASE MY BOOKS”

  1. I just bought it on Kindle… looking forward to a fun read!

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      That’s great Debbie, I hope you enjoy it! I’m finished the next one in the series and have been editing it for the last couple of months. I hope it will be out in the fall.

  2. Hi Shawn congrats on all your great novels. I would like you to send me the link where I could purchase the actual book: Grace Awakening’, thanks much.

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      I have replied to you before Ann, but I guess you haven’t seen it? Right here at the top of the PURCHASE BOOKS page, there are links to purchase the paper book either via Createspace or Amazon. Click on the book cover for Createspace, or click on the words CHECK AMAZON as the shipping is likely less expensive.

  3. seagullnic Says:

    Hi Shawn… have just ordered the omnibus of the two books through Amazon. Have you published a book of your poems yet?
    Nic x

  4. LaVancia Phoenix Says:

    I just went though a stack of old poetry that I had written in the institution…at least fifty or more, not sure of the exact count; however, I am considering writing a second book, after my autobiography, that would include just the poems from that time…they really seem to bring a lot of insight into institutional life and what it was like. Anyways, thanks for following my blog! -LaVancia

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