Shawn L. Bird

Original poetry, commentary, and fiction. All copyrights reserved.

Sampler: Grace Awakening Power April 7, 2012

As I walked into the house, Dad looked up from where he sat at the kitchen table.  He had a serious expression as he stared at his coffee mug.  “Grace, I don’t want you to freak out, okay?”

I furrowed my brows. “About what?”

“Your mother means well.  I don’t want you being angry with her.”

I felt my ears beginning to burn.  “This is about her irrational dislike of Ben, isn’t it?”  My mom seemed determined to hate my boyfriend.

“Just be calm, Grace.  It’s for the best.”

I stomped up the stairs to leave my school bag on the floor and flopped onto my bed, fuming.  I was sick of this.  Maybe Ben and I needed to go away, or perhaps I could stay at his house for a while.

The garage door opened.  I sat up. Battlecall.

Dad was talking to Mom as I came into the room.  She whirled to look at me and then flashed an irritated look back to Dad.  “Well Grace, I guess your father has told you that it’s time for a family meeting?”

I scowled.

“Have a seat,” she said.

I shook my head.  “I’ll stand.”

She rolled her eyes. “Fine.  Suit yourself.”  She pasted a fake smile on her face and perkily announced, “We have some great news!  Your father has been called to do some work at head office for the next year or so.  We’re moving toGreece!  Won’t it be fantastic to stay with Aunt Aglaea?”


“Yes, Grace.  We’ll put you in the InternationalSchool. It’ll be great.”

“I’m not going, Mom.”

“You love Greece!”

“I love Ben more.”

“You can’t rule your life by an adolescent crush, Grace.  Don’t be silly.”

“It’s not a crush, Mother.”

She went to argue, but Dad cut her off.  “Blythe, perhaps there’s another solution?”

“No, David.  She’s too young to know better and she can’t stay here in Calgarywith all…” she glanced at me, “all this going on.  Cars chasing her down.  People attacking her on trains.  No more of this.  I want her out of Calgary. She’s coming toGreece with us.”

“I don’t want to go anywhere.  I want to stay right here with Ben.”

She scowled at me.

I wanted to scream or burst into tears.  I wasn’t going to let her see that.  Before she could say anything more, I stomped up to my room and slammed the door.

This could not be happening.

I’d just spent months recovering from a car accident.  I realized that the pain of that nothing like the pain I was going to have to deal with next, because no one was putting me in a medically induced coma to help me survive it.


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