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* Name meanings * June 1, 2010

Everything an author does in a book is intentional, and when I’m writing an essay on a novel, I almost always take the time to look up the meanings of the names, because often the author has chosen the name for metaphorical or symbolic purposes. While the search for this information can be fun, I thought I’d save you the effort and tell you all the name meanings for the characters in Grace Awakening. Yes. Every one of them was carefully and purposefully chosen.

Aglaea (beauty)

Alexander (protector of mankind)

Amata (beloved)

Benjamin (son of the right hand)

Blythe (happiness)

Bright (radiance)

Butler (servant)

Christie> Crystal (clear)

Claire (clear, bright)

David (beloved)

Enyo (Goddess of war)

Eris (Greek Goddess of discord)

Euphrosyne (radiance, joy)

Isaac (bring laughter)

Joshua (God rescues)

Lloyd (grey)

Meg>Megaira> (grudge) Megaira is one of the Erinye, the Three Furies

Nicholas (victory of the people)

Rafiq (gentle, kind companion)

Richardson (strong power)

Severin (wisdom)

Sthenno>a Gorgon (strength and might)

Thalia (happiness)

Umed (hope)

The name Grace has several levels of meaning. Of course the most obvious connection is to The Three Graces. As an English name, Grace usually is said to mean Favour of God, in Irish it means Love. The dictionary definitions are relevant as well.


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