Shawn L. Bird

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*Greek Love* May 22, 2010

Throughout the novel Grace Awakening, Grace is developing an understanding of the complexities of love.  The Greeks have a linguistic separation for many aspects of what in English is just one word.  Shawn took the separate Greek words, and assigned a character for each of them.  Here is a peek at the various terms and a short defining acrostic poem for each.

Storge– Securely trusting our relations gives endurance (love of family)

Philia– Pleasant honesty in love invokes awareness (brotherly love)

Agape– all good actions precede evolution (sacrificial love)

Eros– Energy revolves on sensuality (sexual desire)

Thelema– True hungriness encapsulates love’s ethos, making accomplishment (desire for success)

Xenia– xenograft enters new internal adventure (love of strangers, hospitality)  (‘xenograft’ is a foreigner, great word, eh?)


3 Responses to “*Greek Love*”

  1. love, A-Z! also 6, a kabbalistic number keenly misunderstood referring to The Mystical Star of David/Seal of Solomon & ultimately to Pythagorean Mysticism & The Platonic Solids. from my pov the lack of these words into the platitude Amour Vincit Alles has created the flatland of modern collective consciousness wherein selfless love (compassion) rarely emerges as a butterfly or phoenix from mere lust. we more or less continuously explore such mysteries in much of our poetry, i.e., the father’s day poem. water being feminine & dark & earthy as fire is masculine & light & airy -> raidiant darkness of st. john of the cross. The rotarian 4 way test has been an integral part of my life! well meet sister spirit! je suis aussi un peu tres fantaissiste ! ^^~~~~

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