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Carnival of Life June 5, 2015

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Our graduating students chose the theme of CARNIVAL! for their Graduation ceremony today.  I wrote a poem for the teacher they asked to be the special speaker.  Here it is:


A carnival is quite a bore if you are there alone

And surely melancholy could seep into your bones

But in the night, with all your friends

A carnival’s great fun, the spinning lights will mesmerize

The laughter never ends.

Cherish time together 

at this your graduation

Your memories and histories are worth the celebration.

You may live far apart as you journey through your lives

But always choose what’s positive

and you will choose to thrive.

For life can be a carnival, it’s fun and fearful, too

Remember Eagle River,

as we’ll fondly think of you.


8 Responses to “Carnival of Life”

  1. Jarrod C Says:

    I wish they had asked you to read the poem being that you wrote it. Great work! I am sure it is something the kids will treasure!

    • The speaker was needing more, so I offered to write a poem she could add to her speech. It was just what she wanted as a summary, so it was my gift. She gave me credit. 🙂 While I could have performed it, there are a lot of speeches at a graduation, and one more body up there isn’t needed! 🙂

  2. jburns58 Says:

    Very nice poem, I’m sure the kid will enjoy that!

  3. deuxiemepeau Says:

    Lucky students to have had you as their teacher- wish you had been mine- congratulations on their graduation

    • Thanks. We have some pretty awesome kids, and I think they are beginning to realize that the education they get in our small school is phenomenal. Not only is it tailored to them, our timetable is full of passionate teachers introducing kids to the things they love. It’s pretty amazing.

  4. Congratulations to your grads, and may there be no limit for them, sky or otherwise.

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