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poem- haunts May 1, 2015

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Full days.




Turned inside out.

There was a rainbow.



This was a poetry exercise I created for my class today-

The prompts by line were

I am…

I have…

3 -ing verbs

I feel…

I wish…


I got some really interesting pieces!  First we did this as a class activity, rolling the paper over and trading with someone new for each line.  Then we shared the results.  Finally, they created their own from stratch.


11 Responses to “poem- haunts”

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  3. georgiakevin Says:

    I believe we teachers teach by example. Your poetry shows a shining example to your students and is a treat for those who are not your students.

    • Thank you, Kevin.

      I also bring in my early manuscripts, with scribbling all over compliments of my editor. I think the greatest gift I can give them is the willingness and appreciate to participate in the editing process. For them to understand that first drafts are always just beginnings will take them far in their writing!

  4. vierareign Says:

    Hi, very interesting activity for them 🙂 by the way, i nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award 🙂

  5. There is no rainbow, without a wish upon which there is an action.

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