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poem-arrows April 21, 2015

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Sometimes I get the feeling

our words are arrows

passing each other,

feathers steering a fine point

that misses its mark.

You declare a bulls eye,

but your arrow’s embedded in your neighbour’s target.

My arrow twitches in the straw

waiting for another chance.

A quiver full of words

I hope each aims true,

but sometimes the flight path

looks quite different to you


15 Responses to “poem-arrows”

  1. Jordan Dumer Says:

    Great metaphor. Loved the poem.

  2. I love this poem and its message Shawn…thanks for sharing!

  3. Jarrod C Says:

    Great metaphor and perspective Shawn!

  4. Beautiful stuff, particularly the closing —

    “I hope each aims true,
    but sometimes the flight path
    looks quite different to you”

    We do often have cross purposes that cause much conflict, don’t we?

  5. agarrabrant Says:

    Dead on the mark!
    …at least on my target.

  6. lillian Says:

    oh the power of words………and miscommunication…….and the importance of reality defined by perception no matter if someone “means something” or not! Love this!

  7. Thomas Says:

    Wonderful. I love arrow imagery and metaphors. Just do.

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