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poem-picking March 7, 2015

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Poems crowd together,

being sorted

like kids in PE class.

Popular kids first

Intelligent kids next

Then intuitive, quirky kids.

But after that?

Many sad poems

that didn’t make the team?




(compiling poetry for collections.)


17 Responses to “poem-picking”

  1. Léa Says:

    Merci beaucoup! I never made the ‘team’ but am certainly not sad. I never did fit in nor wanted to be like everyone else. Sad, not a bit! Quirky, yes, but I think of that as an advantage… silly me. 😉 Léa

    • Well, the quirky ones have charm enough to be included.
      It’s the wimpy, narrow ones that have to sit it out.
      A poem needs universality to make the grade.

      • Léa Says:

        Shawn, I’m afraid I was too busy trying to survive to possess any charm at all. Yes, I was probably a bit wimpy but actually more preoccupied trying to be invisible. I thought it would be safer that way.

      • The chameleon effect?

        Just read a book about that explores this idea within the context of investigating a school shooting- 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult.

  2. Such poignant imagery! Makes me ache for those poems left standing on the sidelines…

  3. Ah but sometimes those unpopular poems will be treasured by someone who was touched by them and then it will all have been worth while.

    • It’s always possible! But they’ll have to find them on the blog, ’cause they won’t be in the published collections (which will make them even rarer). 😉

  4. My fav poem so far! Loved it

  5. The sad poems are appreciated by the mature.

  6. V del Casal Says:

    That’s how I used to feel about my writing/poetry! Before I decided not to care that I didn’t make the team and just write (though there are still moments when I fall into that mindset).

    • Ah, the dreaded internal editor!
      It is such a curse!
      I don’t have much difficulty with it, myself, but I run into so many students that are paralyzed by the ‘it won’t be good enough’ fears that they can’t write at all. A significant part of my job as a teacher is empowering kids’ that their voice is worth recording, that their story is worth telling. One of the most important messages is from Gail Anderson-Dargatz who says “WRITE CRAP!” because the genius is in the editing, but you can’t edit a blank page. 🙂

      Good luck with your writing. Your words are worth sharing!

  7. I really like this thought put into a poem. Good luck with your selection!

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