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poem-new March 1, 2015

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The birds return

set sights on sites and sing

in fervor with that mating thing

You take to the road

push pedals for a hundred k

while I wait for petals,

seek something to say

and all of these are just the way

we mark each new spring.

Me.  You.  New.




POETS! You are cordially invited to contribute an original poem or link to Today’s exploration- POEMS OF PLACE.  Please feel free to comment instead, about your environment and how it contributes to your writing.


6 Responses to “poem-new”

  1. rebeccadifabbio26 Says:

    I love the use of words in different meanings like “pedals” and “petals” and “sights” and “sites”. This is something I like to do in my poetry as well. Beautiful piece!

  2. jensenempire2551 Says:

    Love all the birds in the morning, such a variety each morning my favourite are the blue-jays…

  3. Pedals and petals alike jump the gun on Spring, then Winter doubles back for one last punch.

    • Last year he was out on his bike in January and then February and March were terrible and he was 6 o r 7 weeks before he could get out again. This year we had snow regularly to mid-February, but fingers crossed that will be it.

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