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poem- hockey players November 23, 2014

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One by one

the hockey players walked past

assorted young men in suits

older men in team jackets

family and friends trailing behind.

The Chicago Blackhawks lost to

the Vancouver Canucks tonight.

There was no celebration in the lobby

as they filed by.

Some people were excited,

but since I don’t watch hockey,

they didn’t impress me.

They were just well dressed young men,

less well dressed older men

and dejected friends and family,

hanging out in the hotel.


14 Responses to “poem- hockey players”

  1. Laine Jensen Says:

    Bummer – Dejected Chicago Blackhawks fan 😦

  2. aishpandey Says:

    Hi Shawn, nice poem….did it conclude that they were dejected? Why?

  3. grhambley Says:

    just shaking my head

  4. If THEY value what they do, they will improve.

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